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southwest airlines flight

southwest airlines flight?
hi i am taking a flight from tampa to alberqueque. does southwest show movies or give snacks? what is the atmosphere of the plane. does southwest lose baggage easily, and does it get delayed alot? please dont joke with me thank you
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I travel a lot, and Southwest is my favorite airline for short trips. They do not show movies or offer meals. They do offer snacks. This is what I like. 1. You get on and off the plane very quickly (but there are no assigned seats). Southwest has the best on-time record of any major airline. You don't have to arrive at the gate as early as you do with other airlines. 2. The service is by far the friendliest of any airline. The flight attendants often joke with the passengers and have a great attitude. 3. The legroom and seat width is as good or better than other economy class airlines. The seats are all vinyl and comfortable, though they decor is not quite as modern as some other airlines. You don't generally have in-seat phones or entertainment systems. 4. I have never had a lost bag in 15 years of flying with them. The main drawback of Southwest is the lack of long-haul flights. If you are traveling across country, you need to make more stops than in other airlines. Southwest gives you fast, friendly but basic service. The best on-flight atmosphere in economy class is in JetBlue, where each seat has its own phone, entertainment system and satellite TV.
2 :
No movies. I don't think southwest lose luggage or get delayed more than other airlines. Check in early to get a good seat. I don't fly SWA anymore but when I used to fly them, I would pick an aisle seat that had a lone, intimidating man sitting at the window. Then the middle seat tends to go empty unless the flight was completely full. Of course, the guy in the window seat always turns out to be friendly :-)
3 :
No... Southwest is the least frills airline in the business. Like all airlines they might give out a snack mix or something, but no movies on any flights. I cant stand the no assigned seats either.. it is basically a free for all when you get on plane...
4 :
i've flown southwest 4 times this year (2006) and probably 20 times since age 6 from nashville to tampa and now i fly from tampa to nashville. never any lost luggage never any delays usually cheap tickets no they didn't show any movies on the flights i took but they do give snacks and drinks. i did fly united in july and they sucked they were really rude too however they did show a movie

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