Sunday, August 1, 2010

U.S airways flight

U.S airways flight?!?!?
Ok so Im 14 and my parents were about to purchase a ticket for me from Tampa to Los Angeles. But when we called to ask the requirements for a single 14 yr. old flyer. They said the only way it was possible is that it can only be a NON-STOP or an adult has to come. But there are no non-stop flights from tampa to LA on US Airways. And thats where I have the $600 voucher. -Do you think if I buy an adult ticket and arrive the day of the flight and say I didnt know then they would have let me go? -Is there any way that I can travel alone on a flight with stops?
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Thus the problem with our current travel system as we know it. The only places US Airways flies is Charlotte and Phoenix. 100% of their flights go to or from those two 'hubs.' Similarly the only place American Airlines flies is Dallas-Ft Worth and maybe Chicago. They fly nowhere else. The question really is, who flies this route non-stop? The answer is Northwest and Delta. Those are the options for this trip. Your voucher will serve you well when next you wish to fly to Phoenix, Charlotte or you wish to spend 13 hours in airports worried about the weather in a city unrelated to your trip. Here is a good web site to find non-stop flights:

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