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are you charged a flight cancellation fee if you miss your flight

are you charged a flight cancellation fee if you miss your flight?
i bought a round trip ticket from lax to tampa and tampa back to lax but have decided i dont want to go anymore. im wondering will i be charged the 200$ cancellation fee if i just miss my flight on purpose? i do not want to pay the extra 200 so if i miss it on purpose will it just be seen as i missed my flight or will they charge me the cancellation fees? if they dont, do they charge me some other type of fee?
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I missed a flight once on accident, and they were able to book me on the next flight with no fee. However, if you were to call the company and say you no longer have the need to fly there, you can change your flight to another city for a fee (most of them are $150-200). If you are going to have to pay the fee anyway, you should just pay the fee to make the flight for another city, and not just waste the ticket on a cancellation fee. Flight companies usually give you a year to use those tickets. I've done this before as well.
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yes probably. unless the flight is cancelled as a whole then you will get a refund.
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No, they don't charge you a fee if you simply do make the flight - you will, however, lose all of the money you paid for the ticket. But why don't you call the airline and talk with them. If you want to go at a different time, they can arrange to change the ticket to different dates (that will cost something), or, if you just want to forget about the whole thing, they can give you a travel voucher that you can apply toward a future flight (on that airline, but for any destinations), usually good for a year. They will deduct some of the original ticket cost from the value of that voucher, but at least you don't lose all of the value immediately. If it turns out that you do not go on another flight with that airline within a year, then, in fact, the money will be lost. All of this assumes that you bought a discounted, restricted ticket, as most of us do these days. If you purchased a full fare ticket, then that is probably refundable. So - call the airline and see what they can do to help you retain some of the value of that ticket.

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