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i hate flying! what can i do to stay calm on a flight

i hate flying! what can i do to stay calm on a flight?
i hate flying,i'd rather drive but this time i dont have a chocie,what are some ways to stay calm with out having a panic attack. im flying from tampa to JFk. i know its what a 3 hour flight i i should be use to it by now from flying every summer 9 hours to greece&travel time of 26 hours. so what should i do to keep me calm? i hate take off its the scary! landing is cool i deff dont mind landing.
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hmm, well do you have a psychologist? or could you go to your family doctor? they could prescribe you something that would calm you down. or you could go to walmart or something, to the organic drugs section. and buy valerian root. it calms you down. :]
2 :
they do make pills for plane sickness....
3 :
take benadryl, or dramamine( for motion sickness), or take 10 deep breaths when you get nervous, in through the nose out through the mouth.
4 :
I love flying it's my favorite thing. Try to be sleepy so when they take off you would be sleeping and you wouldn't know. I know how you feel about taking off it kid of feels weird like a roller coaster.
5 :
My mommy tells me at begin of each takoff to sit down an shut my mouth and it works very goody!!
6 :
keep yourself busy maybe take your laptop if you have one just think about getting to your destination and how excited you are, also try to get some sleep also try not to sit next to the window,if you do close the shutter, listen to some music during take off and close your eyes. take a stress ball with you and squeeze it during takeoff.
7 :
listen to your Ipod and close your eyes ;)
8 :
Get wasted first (drunk), and pass out in your plane seat before takeoff. If you're doing this, make sure you're not traveling alone.
9 :
I have a friend that feels exactly the same way about flying! I told her this: when you take off, just close your eyes and don't think about taking off. Just think about stuff you absolutely love! Listen to some great music to block out everything else. Besides, I'm sure you'll do fine! :)
10 :
did you know that donkeys kill more people than a plane crash?. i wouldn't worry. More people die in car crashes everyday then in one plane crash. I used to be scared when all those things have been happening With planes. i just learned to realize that there are MILLIONS of planes flying all over the world and the chances they are going to crash is like none. i wouldn't worry. Also, you can chew gum, play games, take a vid with your cell phone with take off and show it off to your friends (make sure wireless Communications are off) or just have fun.
11 :
when ur in the flight get two bottle wisky close ur eyes dodoodooodododooodo...drink and haaaa sleep well just joking man three hours is very big time u can read some nice books and can make a next day time schdule and time table. what i did 2day look back and check rewing correct all wrongs.... and etc you know 03 hours is my dream...dont wast ur time thats ur future.take care
12 :
listen to music, chew gum, or better yet have someone to chat to during takeoff - you won't even notice it then =)
13 :
read a GOOD BOOK, relax or sit next to a really beautiful girl who gets your attention
14 :
You could see a Dr (or even a walk-in clinic may be able to prescribe a small dose) to see about the flying pill...essentially it helps with both motion sickness and anxiety. There are people out there a lot more afraid than you! Next, might it be a good idea to learn a bit about flying? Like how the plane actually does what it does? Once-scary noises can become interesting as you try to figure out if that was the landing gear retracting or the flaps coming down. Below is a link for NASA's basic aerodynamics (it really is basic, with images and links to help understand what they're teaching), but you could look for a book that you can take with you to keep occupied as well. Flip through them before buying if you do go shopping, aerodynamics is complicated and most books are very dry and boring (though that could succeed in boring you to sleep and you won't even notice you're flying!) You could even try a beginner pilot book, it will teach you basic stuff, but more in depth than all the math of aerodynamics, like weather and maneuvers. Not too in-depth to be boring, but a good, broad range of subjects to show you a little of ALL that is affecting your flight (and so if you get bored of one topic you can change to another). I don't know if you're of age, but getting hammered is NOT the answer, before flight you can be denied boarding and wind up out of your ticket, on board you can get way too sick too fast because of the pressurized air in the cabin. Also look into some relaxation techniques, like yoga (of course you can't do stretches and poses on the plane, but the breathing exercises are great.) Try this one, called square breathing - breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts. Exhale for 4 counts, and wait for 4 counts. Breathe in again for 4 counts, etc.

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