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How can I get cheaper flights from JFK to Tampa

How can I get cheaper flights from JFK to Tampa?
I've heard tell of fancy deals where you wait standby or something and get on for a song and a buck. Is this true? How does it work?
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No it isnt.
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Please check: Tips: a- use flexible dates b- use alternative airports
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i just went on expedia and found a flight from JFK to Tampa on jetBlue for 86.00 total..if i went to i could probably save an extra 10 bucks. thats not that expensive and that flight is for next month which is very close..a month later would probably be cheaper. and if u made ur flight leave from like LaGuardia it would probably make it EVEN CHEAPER and to add the flight i put in leaves on a thursday! if u left on a monday or tuesday it would make it cheaper than that!!..but 86.00 is chump change..if u cant afford that then i dnt kno what to tell u
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If you don't mind flying out of LaGuardia and changing planes in Baltimore, Southwest has amazing fares ($76 one way!)
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No. Standby is hell. Don't use it if you don't have to. Basically, it's used if you miss your flight and you need to get on another one to your destination. You're not guaranteed a seat though, only if there are empty ones. You could fly with Southwest, but you will have to make a connection. You could fly with jetBlue Airways out of JFK to Tampa You could fly with US Airways out of La Guardia to Charlotte or Philadelphia, and then to Tampa Airlines that offer nonstop service: Delta Airlines American Airlines jetBlue Airways There may be others, but these are the ones that I am aware of Good luck!
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Try to search on and you will get cheapest flights from JFK to Tampa.
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You can find lots of cheaper flight during the off peak season which is coming up now actually. Instead of searching on the reagular websites its good to look for good links and specials through ceratain ads or tabs on the websites. My mom just got a plane ticket to tampa roundtrip from kc for only 135! plus tax of course. If you visit you can find some great links for cheap flights and hotels just look for the ads...some have specials for 40% off!!! The site also has some great tips for things to do and best beaches as well as money saving tips while you visit. Hope that helps:) -Katie

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