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Question about purchasing a airplane ticket

Question about purchasing a airplane ticket?
I live in Pittsburgh and I want to take a flight to Tampa tomorrow, on the Southwest website they have a flight I want to take at 4pm. The only thing is I do not want to purchase my ticket online, could I just go to the airport at an early hour and purchase the ticket there in cash? Is there a risk that it will be sold out..? Help?
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Well its not the smartest way to do it but if you get there early enough you should have no problem but just let me warn you that if you arent there if 2 hours before the plane takes off you will not get a ticket just get there early
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Yes there's a risk that it will be sold out since it's the weekend. Not only that but ticket price will be higher. I would call before I leave to go the airport to see if there's any availability...
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Southwest is notorious for overbooking their flights. Even if you purchase your ticket online ahead of time, make sure you check in early, because once the plane is full they'll just bump you to the next flight, or offer you a refund.
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I suggest that you not wait to buy at the airport at the last minute using cash. The flight may sell out. Also, it is considered suspicious to use cash for a last minute ticket purchase, so you may be forced to go through extra security. Finally, buying at the last minute can be far more expensive. Last-minute tickets usually mean paying the highest fare. I formerly worked for a major travel website, and have also purchased many tickets online, so I can assure you that it is quite safe. Use an airline website or a well-known third-party website such as Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, or Priceline. Make sure that your web browser supports 128-bit encryption. If you do that, you have nothing to worry about. If you still don't want to buy online, just go to a local travel agency and buy it from them. (You might not find one open on Sunday, but keep that in mind in the future.)
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