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Travel from Tampa, FL to Manila, Phils. when is the best month to book

Travel from Tampa, FL to Manila, Phils. when is the best month to book?
My family is planning to visit Manila, probably May or June of 2008. When is the best month to book our flight, and what's the best airline?
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ull enjoy ur stay if u visit before summer.. december to mid of march... i say decmber coz, ul feel the spirit of christmas.. it's very nice to spend holiday here... january to february, it's not too dry.. end of march to may, (summer time) its too hot, u may get sunburn if you're not used to live in a tropical country... june - september, it's rainy season... not the best months.
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booking a flight as early as possible is the best for you can be guarranteed of the cheapest rate.
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january through april
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I would recommend you book your travel at There you are able to choose the time of the flight, the airline, how many stops(if any) you will have on the flight. In addition, it will allow you to compare prices of various airlines, all on one page. It will list them from the cheapest to the most expensive flights for you. Sorry I can't help you with which month is better. I know that when you are on the opposite side of the equator, the seasons are the opposite. ( i.e. when you are in South America (Chile)in January, it's actually Summer time there. June in Chile is like January here in the United States. Also the closer to the equator a country is, the less number of seasons there are. (ex: rainy and dry seasons, instead of like we have here Fall Winter Spring and Summer) For the best way to travel check out Hope this helps you.

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