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Airplane Amusment Ideas

Airplane Amusment Ideas?
Hey, I'm going on an airplane soon with my little sister who's in sixth grade (im in eighth) and we're going as unaccompianied minors. To put it kindly, my sister has phobias. She is afraid of a lot of things and I'm sure airplanes are one of them (though she won't admit it). We're going on a three hour flight to Tampa, where we'll meet up with some flight chaperone and we'll stay at the airport an hour. Then we'll go on a plane with like 16 people on it and go on it for about an hour, until we reach pensacola where we'll get picked up. Then we'll repeat the same process, reversed in 8 days. Any ideas on what to bring for the plane and how to keep my little sister amused and not worrying about the flight would be greatly appreciated. Any ideas on things to bring for actually being in Florida would be great too. Baby-ish ideas and other ideas to keep my sister calm are OK since, she's, well, kind of baby-ish. Thanks!
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Some ways to keep your sister occupied can be with coloring or puzzle books (Klutz activity books are great for all ages), small snacks (such as string cheese, cracker packs, etc) for if you or your sister get hungry before or after the on-board snacks are served (or if you don't like what they have...a whiny sibling due to a growling stomach can drive you crazy). If you happen to have a hand-held video game system, such as a gameboy (bring various assorted games both of you would like), portable Tetris [etc.], or if you happen to have a portable DVD player (one kid's movie will burn half the flight...bring two, and you're set.) those can keep one occupied for a while; reading books are a good option, as well as puzzles that you slide around to solve or untangle...have a contest! See who can solve the puzzle the fastest or first, winner picks the next activity. You can try a CD or mp3 player if you have one, and you can get a 2-jack headphone splitter for about $5-7, so two people can listen to one music (or anything else with a headphone jack) source, as long as you have headphones for both of you. One thing that is always handy to have is just a notebook of paper (lined or unlined) and a pen or pencil...doodle away! I would not recommend bringing anything with small bits and pieces, such as a bag of Legos, for little things can get lost under or between seats, etc. If you have a camera, or you can get a disposable one, take pictures out the window! If you know any card tricks, and you are both quiet and careful not to lose them, you can amuse her with tricks, or play a quiet game or two. Hope this helped, and have fun on your trip!
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Play games with her! Bring coloring books! Bring a DVD player and let her watch one of her favorite movies. There are all sorts of ways for children to entertain themselves on airplanes, so this shouldn't be a really big problem. Perhaps you could bring a card game and play that with her. Or a travel size board game of some sort such as chess, etc. Best of luck!

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