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How much to paint the interior of my townhouse in Tampa FL

How much to paint the interior of my townhouse in Tampa FL?
I have long halled in stairwell with two flights of stairs, a small study, guest bedroom and bath and master bedroom and bath and another hallway that needs to be done. Also if you have any recommendation of who to go with.
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with the u/e rate so high down there,you should be able to get 5 or 6 estimates .....they will be falling over each other to get a job like that...check references....
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It depends on the type of paint. I like using BEHR paint from home depot... it usually covers in one coat, with a little touch-up afterwards. I would say 3/4 a gallon a room depending on the walls, their previous colors or texture, and if they're unfinished... you'll need more.
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The exterior Behr paint peeled on my house in Tampa and all the painters said we should have used Sherwin Williams super paint. We redid it with the sherwin williams and we have been very happy with that> check their internet site as sometimes there are coupons most painters do get a discount when they buy paint> Donald Boyer727-8235 Ralph Lestingi885-2623 Lo Bello Painting727-819-1347 Jeff Monsein253-3700 NathanĂ¢€™s Painting393-9105 Preferred988-6263 Ted Troyano788-9250 Wilder and Company 789-1981

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