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I'm flying home tomorrow, is a temporary paper drivers license okay to use for ID at airport

I'm flying home tomorrow, is a temporary paper drivers license okay to use for ID at airport?
I renewed my drivers license before I left for vacation because it would expire while I'm here. I haven't received my new one yet though. I have my expired plastic license and my temporary paper one. I'm concerned because the paper one say "not vaild for identification" but I don't have a passport, school ID, etc. for additional identification. I'm flying out tomorrow so please help!! Thanks!! It's not an international flight, just Tampa to Providence The temporary paper one has my photo on it as does my old plastic one
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photo ID is PHOTO ID anybody can hold a paper better call the airline - NOW~
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tom4bucs is right. Security is very strict at airports, even in the US.
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You need the actual photo ID card.
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Take both. You'll be subjected to extra security screening, so I suggest you get to the airport EARLY.
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gromit80's answer is the only correct one thusfar. The TSA does not actually have a stringent ID requirement for wholly domestic flights -- they will allow a person who does not have an acceptable photo ID to go through security and fly, so long as they go through additional security screening. (This policy is clearly stated on the website linked below.) You'll want to take your temporary license and the expired license with you, as it will likely make things easier for you than if you don't have it, but you won't be turned away at the airport if that's the only thing you have. You'll simply have to go through additional screening at the checkpoint.
6 :
From personal experience, if you bring both your temp and your expired license you shouldn't have any problems.

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