Saturday, August 14, 2010

Are there any airlines that fly early in the morning

Are there any airlines that fly early in the morning?
I am looking for an early morning flight from Tampa to Philadelphia sometime after Thanksgiving. Preferably before 6 A.M.
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Lots of flights leave very early in the morning. That's when the heaviest traffic through airports usually is. At most of the airports I've frequented in the past, the most crowded time is early in the morning, because everyone wants to get to their destination earlier in the morning. I'd suggest looking at airline websites and seeing what they have available. Booking with the airlines is almost always cheaper than using a middle-man like travelocity or orbitz, and changing your ticket is SO much easier if you just book your ticket directly through the airline. Best of luck!
2 :
all of them...if you leave around the same time as you would for work, hardly anyone will be there...
3 :
It seems typically the earliest nonstop is the Southwest non-stop at 7AM. Otherwise you'd either need to fly in the evening to arrive the night before, or take a connection at 6AM (Delta or Airtran).

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