Thursday, October 7, 2010

What food and drinks can i bring on a flight

What food and drinks can i bring on a flight?
I'm going on a flight with American Airlines from tampa to the Dominican Republic and need to know what i can bring with me on the flight. Im bringing my son and its a long flight so i need to know what snacks i can bring him.
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No drugs,medicine,wine,all alcohol stuff.You could bring fruits,chips,etc. Also if you wanna save money bring an empty water bottle, then when you get in the airport thingy got to the fountain and fill it after you go to security.I don't know if you could bring meat?
2 :
You can bring any food item that's not a liquid. Take an empty water bottle with you and fill it at the drinking fountain prior to getting on the plane.
3 :
Generally, packaged crackers and cookies are a safe option. On a domestic flight, fruit and meats like salami are usually ok. On an international flight, they will probably let you on the plane with them, but won't let you off the plane at the other end until you consume them or throw them out. You can't bring liquids from the outside into the airport, but purchasing any of the food or beverages inside the secure area (not alcohol) or filling empty bottles is USUALLY ok. Coming back to the US, the rules seem to be very arbitrary because you are dealing with foreign security, not the TSA. I recently flew from Costa Rica to the US and the first round of security and the airport shops all said it would be fine to purchase a water bottle to take on the plane. And then at the last second, security showed up in the jetway to the plane and confiscated everyone's water bottles they had just bought. They couldn't cite any policy, only that it was "just because." So you never really know in a foreign country.

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