Saturday, July 7, 2012

How long will my flight be

How long will my flight be???
How long will mt flight be? I'm in Nashville Tennessee and I'm flying to Tampa Florida This Saturday. I was wondering how long will the flight be? If you know PLEASE tell me so I can bring stuff to keep my busy. Thank you so much! Correcting a sentence sorry. "So I can keep myself busy" I keep messing up when I type sorry.
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about 2 hours....not very long. just bring a couple magezines and a book and you will be set. it will be shorter than you'll expect.
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Not that long i should guess maybe 2,3 hours also checking in at the airport and traffic would take some time too. I would bring something to read like a good book and if youdon'tt feel like reading any more you can bring an mp3 player
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about 1 hour 45 mins on a nonstop fligth- if you are going on a connecting flight, minimum 3 hrs 45 mins
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I think you said in your earlier questions on this subject that your flight will be about two hours. I personally like to either do my homework or read when I am on a plane. And as for the ear popping thing, this is what I do: Hold your nose closed like when you smell something bad. then blow like you are blowing your nose (without opening your mouth). I hope you have a wonderful time!
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2 hours at the most. And you can read a book. Listen to music. Look out of the window and admire the scenery:) that's what I do
7 :
It is not that long of a flight, its approx. 1 Hrs 42 Min

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