Thursday, June 21, 2012

Do airlines fly on Sunday between 9pm and 4am Monday

Do airlines fly on Sunday between 9pm and 4am Monday?
I need a flight for friday night to sunday night or real early Monday morning arriving back no later than 4am. The problem is I cant find a flight for Sunday anytime after 9pm and anytime before 4am Monday. Do you know if certain airlines dont fly on sunday nights? Also let me know any airlines which fly at this time, thanks. Flight is from Tampa to N.Y. and N.Y. back to Tampa.
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i'm pretty sure they fly on sunday nights. you can try southwest.
2 :
The latest flight from Tampa to NY is on Jet Blue at 840pm There are several airlines that fly red-eye flights ( 10pm and after) basically they only go from west to east.

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