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Asiana and United airways Baggage fee

Asiana and United airways Baggage fee?
I will be flying Wednesday morning to the philippines from tampa... I have to fly united airlines from tampa to Atlanta, then from Atlanta to los angelese, then from los angeles (on asiana airlines) i will fly to korea, then from korea to the Philippines. I paid and booked my flight from tampa to los angeles on a different purchase then from the flight from los angeles to the philippines.. so i made 2 different purchase of airline tickets on different days to save money but they all connect. My question is will i have to pay for the baggage fee at each airlines as switch to? I will be flying 2 different airlines to get to my destination will both airlines charge me a separate baggage fee?
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Well since it was made under two separate reservations you will probably have to pay a checked baggage fee on the United sectors of your flight. However, Asiana Airlines allows 2 free checked bags each weighing less than 23kg (about 50lbs). You can ask the check in agent for United to check your bags all the way to Korea (which should be possible), in which case you may not be charged a fee.
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