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best deals on flights from columbus ohio to tampa florida on 2/12/09 returning on 2/15/09

best deals on flights from columbus ohio to tampa florida on 2/12/09 returning on 2/15/09?

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OPTION 1 by United Airlines $ 310.40 CMH - IAD UA Flt 7820 Dep 06:03am 12Feb Thu IAD - TPA UA Flt 1271 Dep 08:30am 12Feb Thu Flight Duration: 3hr 41min; Layover Time: 1hr 10min; Total Trip Time: 4hr 51min TPA - ORD UA Flt 0565 Dep 04:39pm 15Feb Sun ORD - CMH UA Flt 7643 Dep 09:10pm 15Feb Sun Flight Duration: 4hr 11min; Layover Time: 2hr 30min; Total Trip Time: 6hr 41min Base Price $ 244.00 + Taxes & Fees $ 76.40 - Discount $ 10.00 = Total Charge $ 310.40 OPTION 2 by US Airways $ 323.90 CMH - CLT US Flt 3118 Dep 05:45pm 12Feb Thu CLT - TPA US Flt 0788 Dep 07:55pm 12Feb Thu Flight Duration: 3hr 47min; Layover Time: 0hr 43min; Total Trip Time: 4hr 30min TPA - DCA US Flt 1678 Dep 07:05am 15Feb Sun DCA - CMH US Flt 3583 Dep 10:00am 15Feb Sun Flight Duration: 4hr 18min; Layover Time: 0hr 50min; Total Trip Time: 5hr 08min Base Price $ 259.00 + Taxes & Fees $ 74.90 - Discount $ 10.00 = Total Charge $ 323.90 Result obtained from CheapOair search-booking engine in the website referred below. Fares vary with departure days / dates.
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Do you want to pay $30 for a non-stop flight, or pay $30 less for a stop? Southwest Airlines charges $336.20 for a non-stop flight. Depart Feb 12 Thu Nonstop CMH-TPA 1489 Depart Columbus (CMH) at 3:50 PM Arrive in Tampa (TPA) at 6:10 PM Return Feb 15 Sun Nonstop TPA-CMH 283 Depart Tampa (TPA) at 10:45 AM Arrive in Columbus (CMH) at 1:00 PM
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I found the following flights using - $286 - $293 - $293 - $299 The details for the Priceline flight (with United): - depart: Columbus, OH (CMH) Thursday, Feb 12, 2009 at 6:03 AM. One stop (IAD). - return: Tampa, FL (TPA) Sunday, Feb 15, 2009 at 4:39 PM (also one stop... in Chicago ORD) Hope this helps. (If you don't like this flight, you could also check-out Kayak and Travelocity and/or Expedia.)
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For the cheapest airfare, you pretty much have two options. Option 1 (and the one I would choose) includes connecting in DCA (Washington, D.C.) It is 308.40 and is on US Airways. I will briefly give you the itinerary here, but to find it in full-scale, it is on (assuming that you'll set your cities and dates). CMH-DCA, US Airways Express/ Republic Airlines, 7:35 am - 8:50 am DCA-TPA, US Airways, 10:05- 12:29 am back: TPA-DCA, US Airways, 7:05- 9:10 am DCA- CMH, US Airways Express/Air Wisconsin, 10:00 am- 11:23 am If you visit expedia, you will notice that is taking Northwest, you'll be extremely pushed out of your way, into MSP (Minneapolis) for a connection (blah.) Good luck.

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