Sunday, October 7, 2012

There were 5 passengers on my SouthWest Flight to Orlando!

There were 5 passengers on my SouthWest Flight to Orlando!?
5 people including me from Philadelphia to Orlando. How does something like this happen? Pilot told me that there was once 2 passengers only flying to Tampa
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1 :
i dont know how it happens but yesterday i flew from houston to tennessee then to jacksonville with only 12 passengers.
2 :
simple, not everyone wants to go to Orlando.
3 :
Scheduled airlines have no choice, they can switch passengers to a near time flight, if they have one. Was once on a 1011 with 4 passengers, but it was the day after one crashed.
4 :
It depends on the day you are traveling, the time, the airline and the time of the year. Most people I find are traveling to cuba, domanican, and the carribean
5 :
haha well i guess a lot of people didnt want to go on that date....but verytime on mii flights theres more than 500 people on the planes
6 :
sometimes it happens once I was the only passenger (although i was only going from Fullerton to lax) and sometimes the plane has to fly empty (British airways had once had to fly an empty aircraft from London to either New york or Los Angeles (mostly because they turn it for another flight back to London and that flight would be full) so thats why the plane has to fly with or without passengers at lest you got plenly of leg rooom and probally a window
7 :
If the flight is scheduled then a lot of money has already been spent and can not be recovered..and the plane will have another flight from its place of destination anyway, so it has to go no matter how many or few people are aboard. I and my two sisters were once the only passengers on a long haul flight and on another occasion I made a long haul flight that was fully booked..and I mean fully. On the former occasion the flight attendants had nothing to do but ask us if we wanted anything to eat or drink and if we were comfortable, on the latter..well, it took forever to get a cup of coffee and a couple of hours out of Heathrow the toilets were already like a battle zone! I know which experience I preferred.
8 :
Maybe Southwest has a lot of flights from PHL to MCO. However a lot of times the airline still has to fly that route even though they lose money because the airline needs that aircraft to fly the next route. I read that American Airlines one time had only 5 passengers on its flight from New York to London. There was a huge outcry by environmentalists saying how AA is environmentally unfriendly. The problem is that AA has to fly that because they have passengers in London who need to board that aircraft to come back to New York. I have a friend to works for UPS who tells me sometimes he has to fly an empty cargo plane to pick-up packages at another city. But to tell you the truth, I enjoy flights where there are not so many passengers. You can sit wherever you want and have the entire row to yourself. You can even sit in the emergency aisle and have more legroom.
9 :
airlines do that alot, they even dead head flights (sending completely empty planes) they look at each circumstance on a case by case basis. if they didn't need that plane in orlando they would have simply canceled your flight, and rescheduled you on another. but they probably looked at the flights departing from orlando and saw that they were all booked full and they were to make more money by sending an empty plane than by canceling your flight, which in turn would cancel the rest of the flights for that plane for the day, stranding several passengers in orlando. so it is not uncommon for airlines to send empty flights.
10 :
no uncommon, I was on a flight from Detroit to Hartford/Springfield And only 15 ppl (8 of them were in my group)were on the flight and it was a big plane too. When we landed, a flight back to detroit was bookl with 8 ppl on standby

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