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what is the best way to book a flight and car rental (web site)

what is the best way to book a flight and car rental (web site)?
I like orbitz but their flights aren't that great..... they have like 3 hr layovers and it's hard to find a flight I like, but they do seem to have the cheapest prices. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas. This is my first time booking a flight and I would also like a car rental included going from PIT to Tampa next september. Thanks I'm going to florida not LA but thanks
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I always use expedia
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My favorite & I always use
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Travelocity is another one. Be sure to go to an airlines and search by lowest fare first Then see what a car rental is. So you know, if its a deal or not.
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Check the source below.
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For flights, I've always been partial to They have a pretty sophisticated web site that lets you choose between different flight configurations. Sometimes you can get shorter connection times if you're willing to be flexible on dates or price. If you're having trouble finding flights with short layover times, it may not be under the ticketing agency's control. The airlines set the flight times and connections. I've tried several different car rental agencies (Enterprise, Hertz, Alamo, etc.) and have found very little difference between them in terms of price, quality, policies, or options. If you have a AAA membership, try their website first. I got a deal at almost half the price that the rental agency was offering through its own website. Otherwise, I usually shop around on the companies' web sites and go with the best deal. A strong word of advice on car rentals: although it adds significantly to the cost of your rental, ALWAYS buy the loss/damage waiver. Even something as simple as a careless person dinging you with their door in the parking lot can turn a $100 rental fee into a $1,000 repair bill. It happened to me in back-to-back rentals through no fault of my own. It's a huge hassle without the loss/damage waiver. Another word of advice: don't fall for the car rental agency's scam where they get you to buy a tank of gas up front so you don't have to refill the tank when you return it. This "deal" is ENTIRELY in the company's favor, unless you return the car with the gas tank totally depleted of every last drop of fuel.
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A great alternative to the well-known sites like Orbitz, Expedia, and Travelocity is Kayak ( Check it out!
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okay I have the perfect place for you for car rental. they are in los angeles right next to LAX. They wil pick you up and drop you off for free from/to LAX. and their prices are amazing. i use them all the time. this is their website and definitely check them out

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