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Where is the best place I can find the cheapest airfare

Where is the best place I can find the cheapest airfare?
I need a flight from Pittsburgh to Tampa roundtrip. I tried Orbitz, cheapflights, blue, all were too expensive. i found some a few monthes ago for $130 and i thought i could find it for less. no such luck.
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try , they fly from Columbus to Fort meyers thats as close as they get on both ends. If you know far enough in advance they sell the 1st few tickets for $10. If skybus doesn't work for you then try adjusting by 1 or 2 days on your departure and return flight.
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have even try a travel agency in your town???
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I like to use the website because it searches the airlines AND the big travel websites. It almost always returns the cheapest fares, but I always double check by going to the airlines' websites themselves to be sure. For example you can fly the route you want leaving the 4th of January and returning the 8th, and it shows with one stop for $188 (airtran) and nonstop for $291 (united airlines website, or USairways through Orbitz). Usually includes all the taxes and stuff too so no surprises. You can select the time of day and your price range too. Good luck and have a good trip.
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There is no single best place. Not all airlines sell tickets on every website. Southwest, for example, does not sell tickets on third party websites. Also, some websites may have some exclusive special deals with an airline. You need to search multiple websites if you want to be sure of finding the lower fare. Try a service that searches multiple websites such as Kayak. Then, try Southwest. If you don't want to do that, then find a good travel agent. You'll have to pay a service fee, but it's worth it if they can save you money.
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check Blessed Travel International Reasonable fares.
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Pl check the website: the flight from Pittsburgh to Tampa roundtrip is around $/148 / $200 . You didn't specify the date of your travel. You yourself can check the above URL for instant flight reservation and get an e-ticket instnat confirmation. Good Luck!
8 : from Youngstown $49 each way+tax

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