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If i have a scheduled flight 4 hours after a snowstorm ends, is it likely to be canceled or delayed

If i have a scheduled flight 4 hours after a snowstorm ends, is it likely to be canceled or delayed?
i have a flight out of Newark to Tampa tomorrow (so far scheduled for on time departure) we are expecting a snow storm tonight, until early am, about 12 inches. The snow will be reduced to very light snow after noon tomorrow, and is expected to completely end by midnight. My flight is scheduled for 4pm. What are the chances it will be canceled? delayed? i'd sit in the airport til midnight for clear conditions if they delayed it no problem, but am SOL if they cancel, and i have to reschedule, because ill have to reschedule after all of today/tomorrow mornings canceled flights. Should i call now to reschedule, or risk it?
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Just how important is it for you to be at your destination at the scheduled (as of now) time? If time is a major factor, go to the airport and take your chances. If not, reschedule to another time when you are not likely to be delayed. It's up to you.
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A few things: - Newark airport is full to capacity with flights taking off and landing. Weather issues that are the equivalent of sneezing cause such a ripple effect that many flights get delayed, especially domestic ones. - Check where your plane is supposed to fly from. It might not get to Newark on time to make it to your flight. - Probably everyone is calling them right now and you won't be able to get through anyway. My suggestion: - Get there tomorrow a bit early for your flight, they might put you on an earlier flight (that will be still late, but will leave earlier than your flight). - Expect to get to your destination late. - Expect to still get there tomorrow, which is very likely.

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