Saturday, December 1, 2012

Did Michael "Hide the Decline" or "Faked Hockeystick Graph" Mann approve this weather

Did Michael "Hide the Decline" or "Faked Hockeystick Graph" Mann approve this weather?
Midwest bracing for heavy snow -- wind chills of 50 below! Next Arctic Blast blows even colder... Persistent cold tightens grip on nation... CHILL MAP... Britain's big snow shuts cities... Arctic blast freezes Texas... Weekend Freeze Looms for Gulf Coast... Florida races to save crops... ICE DELAYS FLIGHTS IN TAMPA... Yet MORE record cold and snow!!! How's that Hiding the Decline working for you, Mike?
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1 :
I like the fact that the actual temperature readings were made up. It wasnt just plotting on the graph.
2 :
This just in, its warm in my living room so it must not be cold outside. More to come on FoxNews.
3 :
I wish he'd of used a snow shovel and would bring his no good self ovr and shovel my drive
4 :
The body of work that Michael Mann and his group have compiled is the latest version of "Grimm's Fairy Tales".
5 :
Michael Mann and Al Gore are hiding in their bunkers with the rest of the Gore Global Warming Loons until the freeze is over so they can make up more bogus numbers
6 :
sigh, another climategate string. If only this was really the smoking gun you thought it was.
7 :
Don't forget that there was "scientific" proof that using methods to track climate before records were kept, they found there were actually warmer periods between 9th and 13th centuries.. Must have been due to all those suv's and dirty manufacturing plants.....
8 :
The funny thing is, libs think the science community is the final authority on all matters, when scientists have been wrong several times. I'm not debunking science, it's very important, and I take it seriously and read it all the time... ...but remember when partially hydrogenated vegetable oil was good for you? Better for you than nature's own butter? Opps, there's something called trans-fats that hardens your arteries faster than saturated fats - we could have been eating butter this whole time and been healthier.

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