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What airline is best for flying to Vegas

What airline is best for flying to Vegas?
I prefer a nonstop flight, and I am departing from Tampa on 12/14 for 3 nights. I need to find the most economical flight but on an airline that has decent amenities (I usually fly Jet Blue anywhere I go, but they are too pricey and not direct, so I must branch out)... 10 points to the best researcher or most knowledgeable travel junkie!!!
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Check Southwest Airlines. As low as $ 260 Non Stop.
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Air Tran runs from $119 to $170 one way but you have to make a stop. Air Tran has satellite radio, but that's the main amenity you'll get. Nothing fancy, but usually on time and a nice crew. One plus on this airline is that you can choose your seat ahead of time. They charge around $5 per one way, $10 both ways extra. I've picked my seats on their flights ahead of time every time I've flown them. It's so worth it. Southwest runs $169 to $189 one way and has 2 nonstops a day. The rest are either one stops or conncections. Once again, not much on amenities, but they usually run on time and have a nice crew. I took a flight on Southwest to Vegas and they played alot of games on the flight. Like contests, where you could win free drinks for instance. For me, dependabililty outweighs amenities so I'd go with one of these 2 airlines. By the way, I'm flying a nonstop from Chicago to Tampa in January. Good luck!
3 :
There are only two choices for non-stop flights. Southwest and US Airways. Las Vegas is Southwest airline's #1 airport in the country (they have nonstops from Vegas to nearly every airport they serve), so it generally is the best way to go.
4 :
Use a travel agent. That's what you are looking for someone to do the work for you.

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