Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cheap flights to Florida

Cheap flights to Florida?
I am planning on going to florida around Feb 11-20....... the airports that I usually go to are in manchester, NH...Boston, MA....or portland, ME.............where can i find the cheapest flight tickets to tampa, doesnt exactly have to be to tampa but somewhere CLOSE to it as well...........please let me know THank you
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Well I live in Florida and we always fly air tran on the way home, we fly right into the Tampa Airport. Idk if that fits in to your budget at all but in my experience air train is really good! We have never had a delay/never been late with their flights, (knock on wood) they have fair prices, and best of all.. they serve pretzels! Lol So just check online for air fare.. I hope it all works out for you. Have a fun vacation! =) -Me

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