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What's The Process For An Overbooked Flight? [URGENT]

What's The Process For An Overbooked Flight? [URGENT]?
I'm flying a Southwest Airlines flight to Tampa, FL next week. It's spring break time. I'm afraid that my flight will be overbooked. It's flight 448 CMH - TPA. I'm going to try to my hardest to check in right at 4:50 next monday, 24 hours before scheduled departure, to get boarding group A. Will this help if my flight's overbooked, no one gives up their seat & they have to start bumping people? PLEASE REPLY! It's really bothering me! Thanks! Connor
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I think all airlines over book flights because theres always passengers who dont turn up, i think if this does happen its usually just the last people to check-in who get a new flight! Im sure you'll be fine and enjoy Spring Break.. dont worry!! :D
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If you check in on line and you have a boarding group you will be fine. Just try to be close to the front of the line.
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Im not totally sure about southwest. I don't know exactly how they decide who gets in the first or second boarding group (buying the cheapest possible ticket will not help) but definitely check in as soon as possible, you can check in online so checking in 24 hours in advance shouldn't be too hard. If you are not in the first boarding group try to be one of the first people in your group. If oversold and there are more people checked in then seats they will solicit volunteers by offering travel vouchers, no they don't give out free round trip tickets for volunteering anymore. If the airline cannot get enough volunteers it will have to deny boarding to some people this is called involuntarily separation. On most other airlines, with assigned seating, it is people who have purchased tickets through a third party vendor (expedia), whoever checks in last or who tries to board last (depends on the airline). Im not sure about Southwest's policy but the Federal Government recently set standards for how much an airline must compensate a passenger if they are involuntarily separated
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They won't kick you off. They only kick off people who have bought last-minute tickets or checked in late. Plus, if you do get off, they refund you your one-way fare and give you a $200 voucher. Have a great trip!

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