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Directions from Clearwater Beach to Tampa Airport

Directions from Clearwater Beach to Tampa Airport?
Hello. I have a flight tomorrow morning out of Tampa Airport. I am driving to the airport from Clearwater Beach? Is there an exit for the Tampa Airport off 60 East or do a couple of lanes just go into the airport at some point? I just want to get clear on the directions so I don't get lost. Thanks.
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After driving out of Tampa International Airport, follow signs for Highway 60 west to Clearwater. Follow Highway 60 all the way to Clearwater Beach. Once on Clearwater Beach, enter the round-about, and go left to reach the main parking lot on your right...Or visa-versa...
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yes pretty clear exit ramps to go to the Airport. Hope you had a good time.
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Hwy. 60 East is a great way to go. Just follow the signs into the airport. Watch for the signs for the different airlines and you should be okay. Lock your car and don't leave anything of value in the car. Put your parking ticket in a safe place.

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