Monday, November 1, 2010

cheap flights from tampa to london

cheap flights from tampa to london?
i'm heading to london for spring break. the dates are march 13 through march 16. i found this one site called who seemed to have pretty good deals. they had some flights for 600 bucks round trip. i was wondering if anyone knew of any places where i can get a better deal than that.
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I am currently an Airline employee for both Delta Air Lines and US Airways and believe it our not, you will find the best priced tickets at the time of purchase on most of the airlines official websites.... or try bidding on a ticket at
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I suggest always comparing prices. Try this website:
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Well the only airline that flies non-stop between those cities is British Airways. If you're only going for a short period of time I would def. recommend taking the direct flight and the service is BA is far better than on some of the other choices! I looked on for you and found a fare including taxed for $560. I think that's a fab deal and it's non-stop so you win! There is a Gatwick express that goes straight into centre of London too so you're no less inconvenienced as opposed to flying into Heathrow. Only thing is the BA flight is not daily and you'd either have to pick 12th MAR or 14th MAR outbound.Hope below helps..:)

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