Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is $179 a good price for flight to New Jersey from Tampa!?!? HELP PLEASE!!!

Is $179 a good price for flight to New Jersey from Tampa!?!? HELP PLEASE!!!?
please help... i really need some and don't have a lot of money... anyone know any cheaper price?! its from feb 11 (arrival time around 8 or 9) to feb 14 (departure around 6 or 7)
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1 :
ROUND TRIP? New Jersey To Tampa, FL ?!?! Thats a really good price! Whatever airline you fly hook me up cause it cost me that much to get to FL from GA!
2 :
A quick look on shows $179 on Continental Airlines to be the cheapest fare for the dates you want to travel. For now, it does look like the best fare available.
3 :
One site may be slightly lower than another but the supply and demand economic rule applies to all financial transactions…..make your purchase on reliability and common sense……what will work for you…….and……..your travel requirements…..always use trusted and ethical travel sites…….yahoo travel…….orbitz……travelocity……expidea or club type membership….AAA or AARP. Take a moment to make sure a cheap ticket is worthwhile and reliable……..I can’t recommend any one site…….its up to you to search and decide what is right for you. If you see what appears to be a good deal … grab it…don’t worry if the price goes up our down a little bit next week……
4 :
yes it is in these times. You may be able to find something cheaper at
5 :
For a round trip flight in mid-February? That's a good price for that time of year.
6 :
That is an excellent price and I would buy it now before the price goes up.

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