Tuesday, December 21, 2010

im goig to tampa in two weeks,id like to know,whats the going fare for a round trip

im goig to tampa in two weeks,id like to know,whats the going fare for a round trip?
flight from new york to tampa. i paid $402,40.is that a reasonable price for a weeks stay in florida? someone here thinks its to expensive and i shouldve paid about 300 dollars for the trip. im not leaving from any major airport in new york,im leaving from westchester county airport,in white plains.
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In theory, it's possible that you could have gotten a ticket for far less than you paid. Fares to Tampa right now from New York are published, with 14 days advance purchase, for a couple of hundred dollars or less right now, depending on the days of the week the passenger is flying. Whether these fares are actually available right now, though, depend wholly on the actual days that are being flown and whether seats are available at those prices on those days. Without you telling your travel dates between those cities, no one here can tell you whether there were lower fares available on your specific travel dates. If you did look and $400 was the best price on your dates, it's possible that you could have paid $300 or less by moving your travel dates in either direction. If you couldn't move your dates, though, and $400 was the cheapest price available on your dates, then you probably did as well as you could do.
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You paid too much. On Hotwire.com from April 30 to May 7, the fare from LaGuardia to Washington then to Tampa with taxes is $219 round-trip with taxes included. This is Hotwire.com

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