Thursday, April 14, 2011

Is it possible to get a plane ticket like this

Is it possible to get a plane ticket like this?
I need to go to Nashville for a few days and then go from there to Tampa. Is it possible to get a ticket to Tampa with a few days layover in Nashville, and then have that same ticket continue on to Tampa. The return flight would be straight to where i live, with no layover. Is that possible? Or do I have to buy 2 tickets?
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It is possible to get the ticket you are looking for. However, it will cost more than just a round trip to Tampa.
2 :
Yes, a multi city ticket. Go to yahoo! travel and under Air click multi city and type in the cities/dates that you are interested in.
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Nashville and Tampa have a lot of Southwest Airlines flights, so one-way flights that don't cost an arm and leg are a real possibility. Unfortunately, Southwest flights can't be booked with other sources, only from However, other airlines usually match their prices and conditions (ie, one-ways for cheap) on competing routes, so try this: for one-way search -- click on multi-city List the 3rd city involved here, and if there's low-cost service on the route, I'll try to point you to it. Allegiant and Spirit Air, for example, don't always play well with other booking sources, either. I'll check back later to see if you added info.
4 :
i think that is possible. i think it has somehting to do with multi-city tickets. Try looking it up on the internet.

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