Saturday, May 21, 2011

Will United Airlines plane have tv IAD to KWI

Will United Airlines plane have tv IAD to KWI?
I am going to india on United and my flight route is Tampa (TPA)-Washingtion Dulles (IAD) Washingtion Dulles (IAD) - Kuwait (KWI) Kuwait (KWI)- CHennai (MAA). When flying to Kuwait will it be safe and will there be tvs on the seats. The aircfraft on the itenery says Boeing 777-200/300
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It will be safe and there will be monitors but not TV's. You will be able to watch movies and play games but not television. Have a great trip!
2 :
I fly to kuwait often. It is very safe...a lot safer than Chennai. You dont have to be worried of getting mugged in Kuwait, and the security is good. Just dont carry any alcohol on you while in Kuwait. It would have been better to have chosen any other airline, as United isnt very good when it comes to in-flight entertainment. I am hoping you got a good and cheap fare! Yes, there are personal tv's for each seat, but the program quality is lacking.

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