Tuesday, February 21, 2012

How do I book a flight

How do I book a flight?
I am wanting to fly from Tampa to Brighten,England, Take a train to Paris for 1 night. And, fly to Morocco for 5 days and back to the US?How do I book a flight for this? I am confused! Kaloni
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1 :
go to http://orbitz.com and you can plan your trip. also try to find the best prices and book them on the company site rather than orbitz. you can also use other sites for planning, here http://tinyurl.com/32eb67n
2 :
for something that involves multipul destinations you might want to call the airline, to speak to an actual person.
3 :
I think you mean Brighton, England.. lol :) I think you'd be best to visit a travel agent or something.

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