Tuesday, August 7, 2012

how is the weather in tampa this memorial weekend

how is the weather in tampa this memorial weekend?
is it raining. i'm traveling into tampa for memorial weekend to busch gardens. is it raining? should i go ahead and cancel my flight? bc if park is not open then there's no point flying in. please answer if anyone living in the tampa area
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We have a good chance of rain this weekend but don't freak out and cancel your travel arrangements. It's summer here and it rains most days but rarely does it rain all day. At most we may get rain for a few hours. And it's REALLY hot right now so getting wet would feel good. The park would close if it's lightning really bad but not just for rain. There are a fun water rides at Busch Gardens so you will get soaked on those anyway. Consider buying a water bottle with a strap to bring in the park.

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