Friday, January 21, 2011

Cuban sandwich near the Tampa Bay airport

Cuban sandwich near the Tampa Bay airport?
Back in 2000 I flew out of Tampa early for my flight I saw a Cuban place and I got a sandwich. I can't remember anything but it being a hole in the wall place, but I have been craving the sandwich since then. It was very close to the Airport I want to say it was just right across the road. Can anyone help me out with the name or address? I plan on going back to Tampa this summer and I would like to grab a sandwich or 4 from them.
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Not sure...but it was probably Capdevila At La Teresita‎ which is on Columbus Dr...there are quite a few quality cuban restaurants on that road and it is across the street from the airport...
2 :
I don't know if this is the exact place - but the best Cuban food in Tampa is at La Teresita and it's right near the airport. I MISS IT.

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