Friday, January 14, 2011

Flights from Sacramento to Tampa? Best online buying

Flights from Sacramento to Tampa? Best online buying?
Which Online site am I gonna get the best price and service for FIRST CLASS travel, I wanna be pampered with all the alcohol and "mile high club" crap I can drown myself in? thanks!
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I like Kayak. Check em out!!
2 :
check Orbitz. com. I have gotten good deals to Orlando from Sac. Around $250, but it was not first class. I did all my drinkin' when I got there. Why waste good money on the plane?
3 :
I'll join you for the "mile high club", to hell with the expenses, but will the trip take long enough, I am a pretty slow worker. LOL
4 :
5 :
Yup the mile high club sounds right for me as well, so H-man, have you got the cajones for both of us.

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