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Flight attendant and still live in Florida

Flight attendant and still live in Florida?
I want to apply to be a flight attendant but I love living in Tampa, FL. Which airline could I work for and still live in Tampa ( or not have to move tooooo far away) ? Any advice on how to get a job as a flight attendant is greatly appreciated as well. I was thinking of taking a training course but it is $800....
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Don;t waste 2 cents on a training course let alone 800 bucks. First most airlines aren't hiring now. and secondly the ones that are have their own training programs that you would be REQUIRED to take before getting assigned a flight. They actually pay you for training anyone that wants you to pay them is a scam. They will say I am a liar, but before you spend 2 cents there go to the airport and ask the first 5 flight attendants you see. They will all tell you the same thing I did. Now if you do get hired, it isn't unusual to live in Tampa (and commute for free) to whatever city you are based in. Lets say you got hired at Southwest one day (even though we are on a hiring freeze right now). you could live with your family in Tampa and fly to Nashville or Baltimore or wherever you are based.
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Flight attendants are not in high demand right now, in fact may airlines very recently fired many of them. Please research this career very deeply before paying a course. In florida the biggest airline is American Arilines, and one of there main hubs is in Miami- you could still live in tampa and fly all over- hence the beauty of this job.

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