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Best Hotel To Stay For a Tampa,FL Vacation

Best Hotel To Stay For a Tampa,FL Vacation?
i need some help. my boyfriend and i are planning (well i'm planning,he's just paying and going) to go on vacation for about 5 days or more to Tampa,Fl the first week of August before we go back to College. I picked Tampa because I want to go to the beach to Parasail etc. But I also want to Be near an Amusement Park, So i wanted to know what are some Nice Hotels to stay in? I'm picky when it comes to Hotels, I like the Decor to Be Nice, I do Not like the Floral "Tropical" looking decor in the rooms,they look "cheap to me" that's my only Picky Ordeal (kind of silly,i know) A 3 star on up i guess is suggested,2 Star if they're really nice i suppose. (got off subject) but i want to know if there are any hotels near the beach AND Busch Gardens, he LOVES Turtles,has, 2 "lady" and "king" so i fell in love with Tampa. We aren't planning to get a rental car,we're 21, but if we have to,we may have to even with te $25 extra a day due to us not being 25. All suggestions and Details are Wanted,we're planning on using for our flight from louisiana to tampa,if anyone can suggest other travel booking places for flight+ hotel.... ANYTHING to help! We want this to be Great! Well i am sure he is paying there's no questioning that as soon as i get an itinerary set i'll get his card info. But Thanks for the concern :)
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That sounds really neat and fun but word of advice make sure he is able to come up with his part of the money before you go. I have seen so many boyfriends stiff their girlfriends on things like this and it really hurts their pocketbook and credit if any credit is used . I am in no way trying to get some argument started but hey if he is a adult and a real man he would notjust assume that you are rich and are able to pay his way. He should noteven want you to pay his way. I have watched a lot of cases on T.V , about things like this and the girl usually has to eat it because they make a mistake in trusting the guy and when it comes to the paying it back part then they claim it was a gift and that gifts do not have to be paid back . So just make sure that he pays or at least gives you half before you go.
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Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
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Let me tell you that Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, Lowry Park Zoo and the nearest beach which is Saint Petersburg Beach are 45 minutes apart. You will need to rent a car the day you go to the parks, but otherwise you can walk to everything while on the beach. I will tell you all the nicest hotels on Beach: Rent your car from this car rental on the beach you can easily walk there: Dollar Rent A Car 5005 Gulf Blvd St Pete Beach, FL 33706-2423 (727) 367-3779‎ You want to fly to the Tampa International airport (TPA): Use this Suttle Service to get you to your Hotel from the airport and use them to get you back, make sure you book in advance: A have to do is go for a cocktail at this Hotel on the top floor, Experience the awe-inspiring panoramic view of St. Pete Beach while enjoying dinner or just cocktails in Spinners Rooftop Revolving Bistro. Spinners is an awesome restaurant and lounge with unparalelled views of St. Pete Beach. Enojy drinks and dining while slowly revolving - every seat offers a great view. : Breakfast Buffet: Seafood: Italian: Palm Court Italian Grill at the tradewinds For Parasailing and Waver runners use these people: Hope this helps you and have the best time in Florida!
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First of all... DO NOT stay in a hotel when you have the option of a vacation rental. I've been using vacation rentals for all my trips for the last several years, and it's so much nicer than hotels, and usually the same price or cheaper. You'd have your own place to go "home" to at the end of the day... not a crowded noisy hotel. I use Owner Direct Vacation Rentals, and they have loads of vacation rentals in central Florida: (only 1 in Tampa currently, but I bet you'll find something in that huge list). All you have to do is pick your place, and give them a call. Their customer service is the best I've found, and I've tried a few other sites, and always come back to Owner Direct. Have fun on your trip!

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