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What are the perks of a US Airways First Class Flight

What are the perks of a US Airways First Class Flight?
So I used my miles to fly first class for once from Monterey, CA to Tampa, FL, with a transition in Phoenix Arizona. Unfortunately Monterey to Phoenix is US Airways Express (CRJ plane) so no first class even offered, however I got it on a Airbus 320 from Phoenix to Tampa. So what are the first class perks? Can I literally say I'd like a Jack & Coke, Gin and Tonic, and Heinekin please?
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Basically the advantages of flying in first class are: 1. Larger (wider) seats with a greater seat pitch (distance between your nose and the seatback in front of you) that are located at the front of the plane. 2. Complimentary inflight liquor, wine, and beer 3. Pre-boarding 4. No charge for the first piece (or two) of checked luggage. 5. Luggage priority (some airlines attempt to off-load and deliver first class checked luggage before all others). 6. Dedicated flight attendant(s) to work the first class cabin. Lower attendant to passenger ratio than in the main cabin. 7. Complimentary inflight meal or snack (depending on airline and time of day). 8. Bonus frequent flyer miles. 9. Often the ability to confirm seat assignments before those not flying in premium cabins.
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You can pretty much get those drinks as soon as you board the plane and during the flight. Flight time from PHX to TPA is over 3.5 hours, so you will get a meal as well. Other perks? Pre-boarding, no checked luggage charge, wider seats with more leg rooms and the use of the forward lavs only available to you and up to 11 other passengers up front (at least that's the idea). There is also one F/A to help the up to 12 of you in First vs. the 1:46 ratio in economy. Unfortunately, we discontinued in-flight entertainment on all domestic flights (with the exception of HNL) and don't expect power ports.
3 :
USair F sucks. You get soda in a plastic cup.
4 :
On US Airways it means you don't have to pay for your bag of peanuts. The flight attendant will be less likely to yell at you when you do something stupid, and you're closer to an emergency exit door.

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