Friday, October 14, 2011

How much does it cost to fly from Tampa to Rome, Italy

How much does it cost to fly from Tampa to Rome, Italy?
and how long is the flight? Is there a direct flight ?
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I don't think so, the only two airports near Tampa where you can find direct flight to Rome are those of Miami and Atlanta.
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You can check flight times and prices at sites like Kayak and Expedia The total travel time from Tampa to Rome is 12 hr 55 min connecting in Rome to 14 hr 25 min connecting in Detroit - there are other options between those times and other flights that require more than one connection. There are actually some pretty good prices on this route in the next few weeks - a little under $800 round trip. Flying the same dates from Orlando is over $300 more. A direct flight out of Miami takes 9 hr 45 min, but you would have the travel time from Tampa to Miami to consider too. This flight is about $1500 on the same date as above. It is often cheaper not to fly directly. I used to drive to Colorado Springs from my home south of Denver and catch a morning flight connecting to a flight to Washington rather than just driving to the Denver airport which was about 20 minutes closer to me. The flight from the Springs was sometimes a couple hundred dollars less than leaving from Denver even though I was on the exact same plane on the leg from Denver to Washington. It was also cheaper to park at Colorado Springs. I often find similar situations flying between the US and Europe now that I live in Italy.

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