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Would my 8 year old cat survive a 30 hour journey including layovers from China to Tampa florida

Would my 8 year old cat survive a 30 hour journey including layovers from China to Tampa florida?
He is healthy but the flight time and layovers are so long I just cant imagine how he will cope with the situation. I am also worried about customs, i.e. will he be isolated for inspection, or whatever.
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May be a bit rough, but if the cat is in good health he should be ok.
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any travel for any aged animal is potentially risky. Animals become stressed in new environments and being jostled around on the road or in the air makes things worse. You also most likely wont be able to feed them because the food and water may spill. If he has any pre-existing medical issues then things will be even worse than perviously stated. Animals that become stressed can get sick very easily and even die due to heart attacks or complications with something already wrong with them. If you are just going on vacation then try to leave your cat with a friend or family member. If you absolutely have to do this then get your cat used to the carrier it will be in as early as you can. After you get off the plane feed your cat and spend some time with them (make sure they cant run off) so that they feel a bit less stressed. if you are getting off a plane multiple times do this each time (not neccessarily feeding) to make sure he feels secure and is hydrated and clean. Most animals do alright after travelling. Just make sure you don't move him around alot once you get to Florida. Let him have a break.
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8 years is not old at all for a cat. I assume he is in good general health, as you mentioned no problems. All my cats and dogs have travelled by air when I have moved. Animals are imported and exported all over the world this way. It can be slightly traumatic during the journey, but they get over it remarkably quickly. I would take my pets with me if I moved over seas... No way would I give them up! Coming over here (to Australia), all imported animals also face a four week quarantine before you can collect them (used to be 6 months, years ago). So 30 hours is nothing. PS - I would start getting him used to travelling around once or twice a week with you, in a cat carrier in your car. Start with short trips, and of course dont leave him in the car unattended. There may be much crying and carrying on initially. But they get used to it quite quickly. Also make sure when you do send your cat OS - That you are already there to greet him. A familiar person at the other end, will help him settle much quicker. I always left my cats at their home with a trusted friend to care for them and prepared to take them to the airport etc. So that when they arrived a day or two after me - I was already settled in with their things organised (beds, kitty litter, food etc). You dont want to be moving furniture into the new home, at the same time while trying to settle your cat in. Good luck with your move! You should also phone the relevant people to ask about any quarantine issues, vaccinations etc. And contact transport companies regarding, costs, crating, etc.
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My daughter brought in a cat 7 years ago from Poland to Tampa, FL. She put a diaper on the floor of the cat carrier. The US requires that a veterinarian examine the animal, they have to have their shots, etc at least x number of months before you bring the animal in, so you'd better get started on that now. You show the paperwork and of course you arrange to pay the airlines in advance. She had two different airlines and had no problem back then. She had a long trip-she had to drive 1 1/2 hours to Warsaw, take a flight to Frankfurt, take a flight to Miami and then to Tampa. Her cat refused to eat, drink or go to the bathroom and I believe it was over 16 hours. He was under her seat. I would never check an animal on a long trip as luggage. She put a drop of water over and over again on her nose and she licked it off and that's how she got her to drink. Since then, I have learned from my sister that you can get a cat to eat by giving him babyfood. Some will lick it off of your finger, others you have to stick it into the mouth. She brought the cat because she was moving back for good to the US. If you are moving back for good, I would bring the cat, especially from China where pet owners have a hard time with all the restrictions. You can bring a baggie of dry cat food with you and that is okay if it spills. You can always get bottled water on the plane

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