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Traveling with infant... Any advice

Traveling with infant... Any advice?
Hi! So in about 2 weeks my family and I are traveling to Florida by plane. I've never flown with an infant before, so I have absolutely NO idea what to expect. Any advice would be MUCH appreciated! He's 3 months, almost 4 by the time we travel. It's only a two hour flight to Tampa and then a 2 hour drive after that to Naples. I just need some help as far as what to take on the plane, how to keep him entertained, ear popping issues. Anything will help! Thank you!!
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make sure u take it comfort toys or blankets... for ear poping you can put little cotton balls in his ear that will help alot. make sure you have everything that u know will make him feel at home
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I flew with my daughter when she like like 3 months old, she did amazing! I just brought her pacifier and tried to nurse while we were taking off and landing.
3 :
snacks toys and try to get a window seat so he can see outside
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make sure you have quiet toys that he or she likes and plenty of diappers ,milk ,food plus snacks and the poping of the ears just ask the stewardess what do for your three month old about that
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Bring water from your home with you. A change in water can cause problems with bowl movements.The ear popping should not be an issue if you give a bottle while losing altitude in landing..
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A pacifier can help with ears popping along with its usual function. You can also try rubbing behind the ear right where the jaw moves. You can also call the air service and see if they have any special procedures for travelers with infants. They might even have suggestions.
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Food and toys will keep the baby occupied. Some water will be good. I dont know about the ears though, I flew to Ukraine (10 hours) and my 8 month old didnt complain a bit. The plane I went on had a little bassinet for the baby after take off so he slept comfortable in in. But a two hour flight will pass by super fast.
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Have a great trip! We traveled with DD since she was 7 weeks old, made sure to nurse her or have her use a paci for the flight up and down. We brought a change of clothes for her, and shirts for each of us just case she got sick. (she didn't) We brought the car seat since we needed it from the airport, on some flights we were lucky and she had her own seat so we could buckle her in the carseat, on the ones we weren't, we just checked it at the gate. DD wouldn't sleep on the freshly washed PNP sheet so the 2nd time we traveled with her we brought a sheet she had slept on/aka drooled on and then she slept great! We didn't want to deal with finding diapers so we brought a bunch, which ended up being souvineer room on the way back. Hrm...she slept most of the time on the plane, so entertainment wasn't an issue at that point. Now she is 16mo and our last flight was interesting to say the least! I had to abandon my fears of her playing on the floor with all the germs about 1/2 way through our 5 hour flight! We brought her favorite toys and books. Also some new stuff to look at. Really, the flight wasn't as bad as I had feared. Take lots of pictures and have FUN!!!

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