Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I have 2-10 year golden retrievers that I need to move from New Zealand to Tampa, FL.

I have 2-10 year golden retrievers that I need to move from New Zealand to Tampa, FL.?
My thoughts are to fly them from New Zealand to Los Angeles and then drive them to Tampa. I would prefer to fly them to Tampa but am worried that there will be enough stress with the flight to LA. Does anyone have experience with this? They have only been in a kennel once and very very spoiled.
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i also have a very spoiled Golden. I have traveled with her but not that far. I would talk to your vet. to see if maybe you could give them a mild sedative for the flight. Or the vet may have a better suggestion. Good Luck.
2 :
there is NO WAY other than to put them in the belly of the plane that u fly on... roughly a 13 hr flt! i would fly them from LAX to tampa... that's the EZ part... just 4 hrs or so. it may be traumatic for them, but they will be fine once they get settled in tampa. afterall, how long is a dog's memory really? that depends. but if u do this, u will make ur life ALOT easier. u will waste tons of $$ on gas, hotels if u drive. definitely fly them to tampa. fly delta or jetblue direct to tampa. it's about $150 per dog for int'l flight with U flying on that flight. about $75 per dog domestically. good luck. remember, those cargo handlers have dogs and pets and feel sorry for the dogs as it is... so they will make sure they are ok!
3 :
omg, cross country drive with two golden retrievers? talk about stress! Fly them all the way. If you are on same route, maybe take a day off in LAX to chill (and clean out the cages); excess baggage is usually cheaper than cargo for pooches!

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