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Are United Airlines and Tranairlines affiliated

Are United Airlines and Tranairlines affiliated?
Im traveling with Tran airlines from San Juan Puerto rico to Colorao springs Of course I have to switch planes in tampa but from tampa my flight changes from Tran airlines to united does anyone know if I have to check in at united or if tran airlines can give me the ticket straight from Puerto Rico. Are they affiliated? sry the correct airline name is "AirTran" nAirtran Airlines
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I don't know of any "Tran" Airlines unless you're talking about TAM. Below are airline partners. If you booked a flight and the two airlines are on the same ticket, you'll get both airline's tickets when you check in at San Juan.
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AirTran and United are not affiliated. I would also find out if you have to pick-up your luggage at AirTran baggage claim and then check it in with United as many of the discount airlines do not have baggage agreements with other airlines. If an airline has a baggage agreement, then they will transfer your bags from one airline to the other.

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