Friday, December 14, 2012

Will i need a flight attendant

Will i need a flight attendant?
I just turned 14. im traveling with spirit from Atlantic City to Tampa. can i travel by myself or what?
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You -may- be able to, but because your still a minor you may be required to have an attendant with you, but if that is the case it'll be handled when you check in at the airport, just remember to get there at least an hour before your flight.
2 :
Depends on the airlines, most of the UK airlines i know allow you to travel un-accompanied from the age of 14.
3 :
You are what is called an unaccompanied minor. You will check in at the baggage check in with whom ever is taking you to the airport. That person will be issued a gate pass to escort you to the gate and wait for you to board the flight. On the flight you will be watched by an attendant. The person that took you to the airport should not leave until the airplane is air born due to the flight could be canceled. Once you arrive in Tampa the person picking you up should have gotten a gate pass to be at the gate to pick you up once the plane dis in barks.

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